Sail Plan

Here is the sail plan with the keel and mast section drawn in. We are planning on using a carbon fiber spar from a Farr 40 One Design, since it is a perfect fit with the sail plan we originally drew.

cooper 1-26-15 sail plan with keel small x

For a special high resolution vector versionĀ of the above rendering in Acrobat format, please click this link:Sail Plan with Mast Rigging

Bob felt it was best to go with a double spreader rig with the chain plates outboard. That way the chain plates can be built out of carbon fiber and tied directly into the hull structure. This way there is no chance of any deck leaks or corrosion. Since the boat is so narrow with swept back spreaders,and since I will sailing upwind with a 110% jib, the sheeting angles should be no problem. With the jib tracks tight to the cabin top the sheeting angle is about 10.5 degrees.

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