Jim Betts Comments

The Perfect Sailboat: Jim Betts Comments

When I was initially contacted about this project, I was excited by Dave’s immense passion for sailing and building his new boat. I was also excited about the possibility of working with Bob Perry again and establishing a collaboration for cruising boats here in the northwest. In the case of Dave’s project, it is clear there has been a lot of effort put in the design process. They have thought through every detail and truly optimized it to be Dave’s Perfect Sailboat.

From the builder’s perspective, our mission is to build a durable, light-weight, and cost-effective boat using modern composite construction techniques. To achieve this, the hull and deck will be built off efficient male tooling using CNC cut frames and strip-planking. The tooling will be robust enough for multiple builds and modular in the deck allowing pilothouse and weekender-sloop configurations.

The hull, deck, and interior structures will be built using a modern sandwich composite laminate including e-glass, Corecell foam core, and a rubber-toughened epoxy resin system. Carbon will be used to reinforce critical areas, but kept to a minimum to ensure the build remains cost-effective.

Ultimately, I am looking forward to working with Dave and Bob on this exciting new design, and will work tirelessly to execute their vision for The Perfect Sailboat.

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