Possible Pilot House model with inside steering.

As Bob and I worked through the plan, Bob convinced me that he could design an excellent pilothouse model of the boat. This would still be a great sailing boat, since we haven’t changed the hull lines at all, and the rig is almost the same size. We expect the boat to be able to cruise under power at 7 knots at a gallon per hour, and top speed of 8 knots or better. This would be a great sailboat for the winter weather here in Seattle. There is actually more wind in the winter than the summer, but is cold and wet.

My wife Bokhee can’t understand why I am not interested in building this version of the boat. She loves it. But I am really kind of a fair weather sailor, and when the sun is out I want to be outside the boat. I am actually trying to work out a collapsible dodger like the convertible top on a car so I can be completely out in the open on good days. The dodger would extend about three feet over the cockpit for those cold and rainy days on Puget Sound.

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