Prior Boats

This is the story of an almost unrequited love affair with sailboats. I have loved boats ever since I can remember; I was born and grew up until I was ten years old in Florida.

I have had one dinghy and four real sailboats in my life and all of them have had an influence on the design of the new LUCKY GIRL. Unfortunately, during the times that I had my various boats I was always too busy working to use them very much. I hope that since I am now retired I can make up for all that lost time.

I can’t say that I wasted all that time. I have a library with well over 500 books on boats, design, sailing, construction, history, you name it. If I didn’t have the time or the means to go sailing at least I ¬†could read about them.



My choices for the design features of LUCKY GIRL were based on my reading about boats, thinking about boats, dreaming about boats, and my experiences on my prior sailboats.

An 8′ dinghy that I tried to turn into a sailboat.

A 16′ hard chine plywood home built sailboat I built as a young man.

A Bahama 25 full keel fiberglass boat, sort of like a Folkboat.

A 1984 Lancer 36 America’s Cup edition.

My current boat, a 1978 Tartan 37 deep keel model.