Hull Design

Lines drawing of LUCKY GIRL.

43.56 hull lines

The most recent up to date lines drawings

For a special high resolution vector version of the above rendering in Acrobat format, please click this link:Lines Drawing

The [hopefully] final lines drawing for the hull for LUCKY GIRL. The hull design is as long, lean, and low as we could make it. It it not a lightweight with her sailing displacement of around 19,000#, but I wanted more comfort than a ULDB would offer, plus the displacement gave me lower freeboard with standing headroom. I had wanted 3’3″ freeboard but ended up at about 3’5″, dry. I would guess by the time we get the boat fully loaded down with water, fuel, stores and crew the sailing displacement will be about 20,000# and the freeboard 3’4″. Perfect for stepping off onto a 22″ high dock..

I redrew Bob’s lines and took out the grid lines. I think it looks a little more clear to an untrained eye.

This is my drawing of the new Lucky Girl

This is my drawing of the new Lucky Girl (click for larger view).

If you look closely you can see that this is the older drawing with 11’6″ beam. All of the beam was added at the sheer, so the waterline plane of the two boats is identical. The extra 3″ on each side just gave us a wider side deck without changing the BWL. I like the look of the older, narrower boat but the newer boat is a better boat. Since the chainplates are out on the sheer this puts less load on the spreaders, and since we are using a 110% jib to weather with swept back spreaders it won’t affect sheeting angles. The sheeting angle for the 110% jib is about 10.5 degrees.

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