This profile drawing shows the low freeboard and low cabin trunk of the design but with standing headroom throughout the boat. Quite a trick with light displacement, and as low a freeboard hull as we could get and with a low cabin trunk. You can see in the lines drawing that we used deadrise and rocker to lower the cabin sole.

cooper perry 43.56 profile and cockpit-cabin plan

Above is a drawing of the boat that I put together. I really like it because it shows what it looks like to someone on the deck if the cabin trunk top were removed. You can see how spacious the cockpit is in relation to the rest of the boat. The forward cabin is also quite large, for such a light narrow boat. My current boat has an inner spring mattress-very very comfortable, and I plan to have one on this boat also.

Here are some of the joiner sections with the profile and layout.

cooper 1-26-15 joiner sects small

For a special high resolution vector version of the above rendering in Acrobat format, please click this link: Layout, Profile, and Joiner Sections

The holding tank is in the watertight smell tight engine room, and as close to the head as possible to reduce the length of the waste line. The table folds in half and stows against the galley counter at the same height. The table leaf stows behind the settee and doubles as a cockpit table.

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