Bahama 25′

My next boat was a Bahama 25.

This was a 25′ fiberglass full keel sloop. I bought a Honda outboard and lived aboard for about 6 months. I think I owned the boat for about two years before I had to sell. This was about 1977.



This was a very pretty boat and was a pretty decent sailing boat. It was a little pale when I bought it so I repainted it. You can see the difference in the two pictures above and below. My college roommate Larry Johnson [who ended up as my best man at my wedding, as I was for his wedding], painted the boat for me.



She needed a little work. Just look at that rudder. As usual, I spent more time working on the boat and working to support the boat than I spent sailing her.


Never the less we had some good times. I was about 24 years old.


I had the boat moored at Shilshole Bay Marina for most of the time. This is my old sailing friend from the old little Petrel 16, Jay Huber.



Sailing off into the sunset.